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BroadLogic Joins Forces With StarBurst Software To Guarantee Simultaneous Content Distribution For Broadband IP Networks

StarBurst OmniCast enables customers to distribute content to thousands of remote receivers at speeds in excess of 40 Mbps

MILPITAS, CA., Jan. 18, 2000—BroadLogic, Inc., a leading provider of broadband networking equipment, and StarBurst Software, the leader in developing e-business content distribution solutions, today announced an alliance that will facilitate the simultaneous distribution of large data, video and audio files and other content to multiple remote receivers across any broadband IP network. The integration of StarBurst's OmniCast™ software with BroadLogic Satellite Express™ 2030 PCI Satellite Receivers will provide corporations, satellite service providers and content providers with the high-speed content distribution they need to develop broadband-networked multimedia broadcast and interactive services.

Bundling StarBurst OmniCast with BroadLogic's Satellite Express will enable customers to simultaneously distribute IP data, video on demand (VOD), Web content, digital audio, multimedia and software at speeds in excess of 40 Mbps. By eliminating the need for multiple time-consuming, point-to-point transmission sessions, the combined solution will make it possible for enterprises, broadcasters, Internet Service Providers and .com portals to efficiently distribute content daily or weekly to thousands of distributed receivers without taxing their networks.

"In today's information-intense environment, reliably distributing content to corporate networks and PCs is business-critical," said Toby Farrand, president and chief executive officer of BroadLogic. "This agreement will give our customers a practical means of moving data of all kinds across broadband networks."

StarBurst OmniCast is a comprehensive content management and distribution system that provides guaranteed, one-to-many distribution of multi-platform content to remote sites. It is used by nearly 200,000 enterprise and Internet-based receiving devices around the world.

BroadLogic's Satellite Express 2030 is a satellite to PCI receiver designed for DVB compliant IP satellite networks. The 2030 is capable of delivering 60Mbps, or a full 54MHz transponder, to the PCI bus in a single stream (PID) or a variety of audio, video, and data streams simultaneously. This provides flexibility for networks delivering either large amounts of data (web replication) or several services on individually encrypted streams.

"Our alliance with BroadLogic provides customers with a complete end-to-end content distribution solution for broadband IP networks," said president and CEO of StarBurst Software, Harland LaVigne. "By bundling StarBurst OmniCast with Satellite Express, StarBurst will meet increased demand for reliable and efficient distribution of complex broadband information while offering customers the combined experience and strength of two industry-leading companies."

Visit BroadLogic at Satellite 2000, Booth 854 at the Washington Convention Center
The StarBurst/BroadLogic bundled content distribution solution is available via the web site, the home of wholesale satellite equipment online. BroadLogic will exhibit the Satellite Express OmniCast content distribution solution at the upcoming Satellite 2000 show, February 2-4 at the Washington Convention Center in Washington D.C. On Feb. 3, from 4 to 5 p.m., Ken Miller, Chief Technical Officer at StarBurst, will discuss StarBurst's content distribution management technology in a session titled, "Data Broadcasting: The New Wave of Services."

About StarBurst Software
StarBurst Software StarBurst Software is the leader in developing e-business content distribution solutions that provide scaleable, simultaneous and guaranteed transmission of content such as video, audio, software and large data files to hundreds, thousands, or tens of thousands of remote sites, LAN servers, and distributed devices without changing the network. StarBurst customers include automotive companies such as General Motors, Ford, Chrysler and Honda; retail companies like Wal-Mart, Kmart, The Gap, Sherwin Williams and Rite Aid; hospitality companies including Choice Hotels and Promus Hotels; financial companies such as Optimark, Dow Jones, Nomura Securities and Thomson Securities Information Services; high tech companies such as Microsoft and WebTV Networks, Inc.; news and information providers such as Bloomberg and Bridge Information Systems, and many other industry leaders from a wide array of markets worldwide. StarBurst is located on the Web at

About BroadLogic, Inc.
BroadLogic Inc. is a leading provider of broadband networking equipment for sending and receiving high-speed video and data. The company is focused on providing innovative products for data broadcasting and 2-way satellite applications that bring media-rich content to large corporations, Internet infrastructure providers and DTV broadcasters and their customers. BroadLogic is located on the Web at

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StarBurst customers include automotive companies such as General Motors, Ford, Chrysler and Honda;
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