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StarBurst AutoSync Automates Content Synchronization Across Thousands Of Distributed Servers

New product eliminates manual, point-to-point distribution of content, automates server synchronization and simultaneous content distribution on unprecedented scale

CONCORD Mass., Nov. 1, 1999—StarBurst Software today unveiled AutoSync, a new content synchronization application module that automates content synchronization, making it easier and less time consuming to distribute content updates to thousands of distributed servers. Running on top of StarBurst’s flagship OmniCast platform, AutoSync replaces manual updating and greatly reduces the time it takes to perform content synchronization since synchronization is performed simultaneously and automatically to all receiving servers.

AutoSync enables network managers to schedule simultaneous synchronization of content such as video, audio, business data, databases and software. AutoSync automates server synchronization regardless of geographic location, maintains availability even during content updates, efficiently uses network bandwidth and places critical business content on distributed servers close as possible to the information consumer.

Companies facing strict time constraints can use AutoSync to centrally manage and automatically distribute content to thousands of servers simultaneously. AutoSync also saves companies the manpower needed to perform and monitor point-to-point content distributions – a time-consuming process requiring constant human interaction and attention.

How it works
AutoSync scans server content directories for changed, deleted or new content or directory structure changes and synchronizes content and directories on distributed replica servers. As content changes at the source, AutoSync automatically distributes it to all of the replica servers simultaneously. AutoSync enables businesses, for example, to replicate the contents of a Microsoft Windows NT server to multiple Windows servers using standard NT features to browse and select files and directories for synchronization. Such directories could contain product inventories, computer aided design (CAD) files, presentations, videos, manuals, software libraries or any content a directory will store. Before OmniCast, information could only be sent via multiple point-to-point transmissions, which took days to complete. Before AutoSync, files had to be manually found to create a content distribution. The combination of AutoSync and OmniCast melds automatic scanning and updating with simultaneous content distribution, creating a powerful, automated content distribution product suite.

"Until now, most businesses have relied on multi-phased content distribution plans which required manual intervention," said StarBurst vice president of sales and marketing, Bill Andrews. "By adding the AutoSync feature to OmniCast, we can offer all of the benefits of OmniCast such as one-to-many, simultaneous, guaranteed distribution without requiring any changes to the existing network – and we can take that one step further, to fully automate the process."

Platforms and availability
StarBurst OmniCast with AutoSync is immediately available on NT Servers. AutoSync is bundled with StarBurst OmniCast – content distribution application, and StarBurst AutoCast – transport engine for simultaneous content distributions.

About StarBurst Software
StarBurst Software is the leader in developing e-business content distribution solutions that provide scalable, simultaneous and guaranteed transmission of content such as video, audio, software and large data files to hundreds, thousands, or tens of thousands of remote sites, and distributed devices without changing the network. StarBurst customers include automotive companies such as General Motors, Ford, Chrysler and Honda; retail companies like Wal-Mart, Kmart, The Gap, Sherwin Williams and Rite Aid; hospitality companies including Choice Hotels and Promus Hotels; financial companies such as Optimark, Dow Jones, Nomura Securities and Thomson Securities Information Services; high tech companies such as Microsoft and WebTV; news and information providers Bloomberg and Bridge Information Systems, and many other industry leaders from a wide array of markets worldwide. More information can be found at StarBurst’s World Wide Web site:

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Platforms and availability
AutoSync enables network managers to schedule simultaneous synchronization of content such as video, audio
StarBurst customers include automotive companies such as General Motors, Ford, Chrysler and Honda;
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