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StarBurst Sender For Microsoft Systems Management Server 2.0 Streamlines Electronic Software Delivery

New software reduces network traffic and transfer times, greatly reducing content distribution and software deployment time

CONCORD, Mass., Nov. 8, 1999—StarBurst Software today announced a new version of its StarBurst Sender software that is more tightly integrated with Microsoft’s popular Systems Management Server 2.0. StarBurst Sender for Systems Management Server 2.0 can provide users with a more efficient and reliable means of simultaneously distributing software to many remote sites over any kind of network, including the Internet. The StarBurst Sender software enables Systems Management Server 2.0 users to reduce network traffic, decrease the load on sending servers, and minimize software distribution time through bandwidth-efficient one-to-many simultaneous transfers.

"Our mutual customers are requesting network-efficient mechanisms for the deployment of software such as Office 2000 and Windows 2000," said David Hamilton, lead product manager for Systems Management at Microsoft Corp. "The combination of Systems Management Server 2.0 and the StarBurst Sender for Systems Management Server reduces the time it takes our customers to roll out new software releases to highly distributed locations – using all types of IP networking environments."

StarBurst enables administrators of Microsoft Systems Management Server 2.0 to simultaneously distribute content to any number of receiving servers in the time it takes to distribute it via the conventional point-to-point method, regardless of the number of receivers or the content size. A 100-megabyte update to 100 locations could take a company 43 hours to deploy sequentially. With StarBurst's Sender for Systems Management Server 2.0, the same update would take only 26 minutes.* The company could send the same file to 1,000 or even 10,000 locations simultaneously in the same time period, as opposed to days or weeks.

"Being remote does not mean being out of sync," said Carol Schmitt, StarBurst vice president of business development. "Our mutual customers demand that we make their jobs simpler by tightly integrating Systems Management Server and StarBurst’s content distribution software at the deepest API level."

Operating within the Microsoft Management Console (MMC), which supports simplified network administration through integration, delegation, task orientation, and overall interface simplification, the StarBurst Sender for Systems Management Server 2.0 helps users initiate and control the content distribution process throughout the network.

The StarBurst Sender for Systems Management Server 2.0, a registered Microsoft BackOffice software product, extends the management solution’s scalability without affecting its ease-of-use. StarBurst Sender for Systems Management Server runs as an integral Windows NT-based service, and employs a Systems Management Server-consistent graphical user interface.

StarBurst Sender for Systems Management Server 2.0 uses StarBurst’s distribution engine to establish, monitor and terminate distribution sessions, enabling users to control the process from start to finish. The software also offers a technology that ensures reliable content distribution to groups of receivers. If a file is lost or corrupted during distribution, StarBurst's software retransmits only the lost or bad file rather than the entire content package, minimizing network overhead.

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StarBurst Software is the leader in developing e-business content distribution solutions that provide scaleable, simultaneous and guaranteed transmission of content such as video, audio, software and large data files to hundreds, thousands, or tens of thousands of remote sites, LAN servers, and distributed devices without changing the network. StarBurst customers include automotive companies such as General Motors, Ford, Chrysler and Honda; retail companies like Wal-Mart, Kmart, The Gap, Sherwin Williams and Rite Aid; hospitality companies including Choice Hotels and Promus Hotels; financial companies such as Optimark, Dow Jones, Nomura Securities and Thomson Securities Information Services; high tech companies such as Microsoft and WebTV Networks, Inc.; news and information providers such as Bloomberg and Bridge Information Systems, and many other industry leaders from a wide array of markets worldwide. More information can be found at StarBurst’s World Wide Web site:

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* Transfer performance based on a 512kbps pipe. Actual performance will vary based on network topography and other system characteristics. StarBurst, StarBurst Software, OmniCast and AutoCast are registered trademarks of StarBurst Software.
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StarBurst customers include automotive companies such as General Motors, Ford, Chrysler and Honda;
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