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The following table provides a partial listing of StarBurst customers and describes how StarBurst software is meeting these customers' content distribution needs. Click on the highlighted clients for more information.

StarBurst Customer Number of Receivers StarBurst Software is
"Distributing" This Solution
General Motors 9,500 Distributing their car locator database to their various dealerships.
Optimark 250 Distributing critical financial information on a daily basis to financial institutions.
Rite Aid 4,000 Distributing job training videos for distance learning.
Wal-Mart 3,500 Distributing music clips for listening to music CDs and videos for viewing DVDs at their retail locations.
Web TV 800 Distributing their own software code to developers, ensuring quick delivery and seamless operation.
ZapMe! 10,000 Distributing filtered internet content and advertising to education internet servers in schools.
New Softwares
Platforms and availability
AutoSync enables network managers to schedule simultaneous synchronization of content such as video, audio
StarBurst customers include automotive companies such as General Motors, Ford, Chrysler and Honda;
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